Corporate Social Responsibility
1993 Jewel Brushes Pvt. Ltd. founded by Mr. Amit Goradia and Mrs. Geeta Goradia
1 Million Toothbrushes supplied in the year
1994 Launch of Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) Toothbrushes – Pepsodent and Close-up – Sole Manufacturer – Jewel
10 Million Toothbrushes supplied
1996 50+ Million Toothbrushes supplied
First in India to manufacture and supply two component Toothbrushes
1997 Exports 1+ Million Toothbrushes to Unilever Global
100+ Million Toothbrushes supplied
2000 Joint Venture between Jewel and Coronet Werke, Germany to manufacture Household Care Products.
2001 Export of Household Products to Europe
2003 Completed supply of 1 Billion Toothbrushes
2004 Supply of Household Products to IKEA
Jewel Brushes Pvt. Ltd. merges with Coronet India Pvt. Ltd. into a single, financially strong company as Jewel Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd. (JCCPL) in October 2007
Synpart AG, Germany takes over shareholding of Coronet to become partner of Jewel.
Toothbrush exports account for 40% of total manufactured toothbrushes.
Only company in India having 3 component Injection Moulding Machines
2009 Jewel is selected as supplier of toothbrushes to WALMART globally.
2010 Jewel ventures into manufacture of Automobile Interior Plastic Component.
2011 With acquisition of Synpart by Ranir Global, USA; The global leader in private label oral care product; Jewel forms a close bond with Ranir & becomes part of its global network.


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