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Jewel Consumer Care Pvt Ltd is in three major business areas :


With over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, the Oral Care Products can be divided into the following major segments of business.
  • Brands
    In Oral Care presently Jewel manufactures wide range of Toothbrushes for Hindustan Unilever Ltd as also exports the products to a large number of Unilever companies around the world.

  • Private Label
    Jewel manufactures and supplies a wide range of Toothbrushes and other Oral Care Products for retail chains around the world who have their own Private Label brands. These Private Label products are supplied to most parts of the world. As the designs are owned by Jewel and their global partner Ranir the Private Label product portfolio is available to other retail chains also subject to restrictions that may apply.


Jewel Consumer Care Pvt Ltd ventured into Household Products in the year 2001 and since then has been continuing to manufacture Household Care Products and supplying them to various customers around the world.
  • Brands
    Jewel has supplied and is supplying branded products in the Household Care segment to IKEA and 3M.

  • Private Label
    Jewel supplies Household Care Products to various Private Label manufacturers in Europe as per their Brands. With a large variety of designs available Jewel is open to do the same to other manufacturers who would have requirements of Household Cleaning Products.

  • Own brand
    Jewel has a wide range of Household Cleaning Products in their own brand “EzyBe” which is being marketed through various chains and a wide range of distributors in India.




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