Audits & Certifications
Jewel Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd. has specific procedures laid out for ensuring Quality at each stage of production – Raw Material Procurement, Moulding, Tufting / Bristling, Sealing and Packaging and Dispatch.

The QC Department ensures the right materials have been used and all the production/ manufacturing stages have been met. No incoming raw/packing material is used until inspected or verified as confirming to all documented procedures. Unless the above requirements are met, no products are released.

The QC team uses the following instruments at various stages of the product :-
  • Tuft Retention machine
  • Handle Breakage Test Machine
  • Roundating Checking Machine (Camera + TV)
  • Conventional Magnifying Lens
  • Electronic Magnifying Lens – Connected to Computer for further analysis and information
  • Electronic High-Precision Weighing Scale
  • Rub Resistant Tester
  • Melt Flow Index (MFI) Tester
  • Bursting Strength Tester
  • Humidity Oven


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