Audits & Certifications
At Jewel Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd. we provide training for each individual’s job profile requirements and also establish and maintain procedures for identifying training needs in the company. An individual is trained on the basis of his/her personal qualifications based on education and experience in the field. Appropriate records are maintained of all these training processes for every individual.

On the shop floor apart from machinery all new entrants are trained on how to use :-
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Safety Showers
  • Manual Fire alarm
  • Fire House Reel

They are also briefed about our on-site emergency plan. In order to check the effectiveness Surprise Evacuation Drills are organized

All electricians, senior operators and engineers are given demonstration of artificial respiration and safety precautions in case of electrical shocks.

All engineers and senior operators are given first aid training including use of all required medicines in different emergency situations.

Live demos of all safety equipments are shown on prearranged Fire/safety day and surveys and quizzes are also organize to ensure attendance.


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