Audits & Certifications
The team of Jewel Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd. is committed towards providing utmost safety, environment conducive to work, adequate systems and equipment required in order to facilitate smooth function of daily work.

Jewel complies with all relevant safety statutory provisions pertaining to safety, health and environment. The company has defined and adheres by a:
  • Consumer and Customer Safety Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
Apart from Several Customer Audits, we at Jewel use in-house relevant techniques such as Safety Audit for Periodic assessment of the status of safety, health and environment and risk analysis of hazardous material, process, operations etc.

We consider safety and wellbeing of our employees before deciding on the purchase of any plant, equipment, machinery and selection of raw materials.
  • All PPE viz. goggles, ear plugs, masks, gumboots, gloves, safety belts and helmets have a designated place at the plant.
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking is prohibited in our factory and office premises.
  • Regular attendance and self-hygiene is a must.
  • Fully equipped first aid boxes are readily available.
  • Hazardous waste, such as used tube lights, used filters are disposed carefully.
  • Machine Safety instructions available on the machines
  • Important and Emergency phone numbers are readily available at all gates in the factory

Consumer and Customer Safety Policy

  • We at Jewel Consumer Care Pvt Ltd are committed to provide our customers with products that are safe and free from any adverse effect of health and overall environment.
  • We will design, operate and continuously improve our process and storage condition.
  • We will establish and maintain standards and procedures for the control and monitoring of all critical control points in the operations, protecting our products from potential hazards specifically presence of foreign bodies.
  • We will ensure that all employees at each level and function are aware of their responsibilities for consumer safety and are appropriately trained and motivated to fulfill them.
  • We will establish the procedure to identify potential hazards and if required, recall the product from any point at manufacturing stage or distribution stage, to take appropriate corrective and preventive action.
  • The consumer and customer safety policy shall be reviewed annually ensuring continuous improvement of the consumer safety management system.

Health and Safety Policy

  • We at Jewel Consumer Care Pvt Ltd will provide a safe working environment and establish a world class reputation for Health & Safety at work.
  • We will establish and maintain high standards of Health and Safety at work so as to prevent personal injury, promote good health and prevent occupational ill-health and will strive to continually improve its overall Health and Safety at work performance.
  • We will establish the procedure to identify and evaluate the Health and Safety at work risks within all its operations including those arising from sources of changes and seek to either eliminate them or control them, so as to achieve our ultimate goal of zero occupational injuries and illness.
  • We will investigate all incidents at work that have or could have resulted in serious personal injury, ill health and / or accidental loss and take action to prevent recurrence.
  • We will work with our suppliers, contract operators, contractors and customers to achieve Health and Safety at work performance.
  • We will set targets for continuous improvement and implement Health & Safety at work by management programmes and ensure full compliance through periodic audits.
  • We will use information, education and training programmes to ensure that our employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities.
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